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PW Newb Guide

Post  SphinX on Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:44 am

1. General
2. Pre-play
3. Classes
4. Items
5. Quests
6. Pk/Pvp
7. Item mall
8. Leveling areas
9. Acronyms
10. Credits / Other


1. General

Q: What is PW?
A: Stands for perfect world. The game you should be playing if your reading this

A: In the bottom left click on the rubix cube and then uncheck bold.

Q: How can i see X chat in another chat tab?
A: Click on the rubix cube in the bottom left. On the pop-up you can see a list on the left and a list on the right. The list on the left is the tabs and the list on the right is what you can see in that tab. Choose what you wish.

Q: I cant see any text on my box… How can i change its color?
A: Bottom left there is a box with 4 color on it. Click it and it will change the background color of your text box. There is only 3 options. Hovering over the text box also makes it 100-200% darker.

Q: How do i PM (Private msg) someone?
A: use this format

/Nameofplayer YourMsg

Q: How do i jump?
A: Space bar

Q: How can i find X for this quest?!
A: Use for the quest guides which have locations. If its an exact location, in the top right near the radar there is a button with the arrow (should be furthest right) click that. In the pop-up, in the top right theres a spot for coords. Enter them there, and click add (should be right of the coord box). Now you can follow the arrow on screen or check the map.

Q: How many locations can i have?
A: 5

Q: The map sucks. Its to small.
A: Click on the map and it will bring up a bigger and more detailed version.

Q: Whats this yellow bar thingy under my MP?
A: Thats ‘vigor’. Some skills only require MP but some also need vigor.

Q: How do I increase my vigor?
A: For every time you hit a mob, it goes up by 5. A faster way is to find someone of the opposite sex ingame and right click their portrait and click ‘Hoist cuddle’ and have them click ‘Intimate’ .

Q: I got this little red thingy next to my vigor bar. Now whats that?
A: That is fury. After level 30, some skills need that to be used.

Q: My god, why the hell don’t you tell me how to get fury in the question above?
A: Its fun like this. Now, to get fury you need to achieve 100 vigor and it will fill the fury up and then you can gain an additional 99 vigor so you can essentially have 199 vigor or 1 fury and 99 vigor or 2 fury if you hit one more time after you use fury.

Q: How do i take screenshots?
A: Press ‘Prt Scr’ next to the F12 button. Its saved in ‘Perfectworld/Element/Screenshots’

Q: How do I remove my HUD?
A: Alt+H

Q: How do I move my zoom around?
A: Press F9

Q: I heard at 30 you can fly, is this true?
A: Yes, once you hit 30 you can start a quest to get a flying mount. The were race gets a stingray, the elves get wings and humans get surfboard swords.

Q: Someone has a different looking mount! How do i get one?
A: The item mall has 3 different flying mounts for each race. 2 for level 30 and 1 for lvl 50.

Q: I also heard there is different mounts not available yet, what are they?
A: They are likely refering to the new mounts the CN (Chinese) servers got. The were race gets a flaming flying gryphon, the humans get a HUUUGGGEEE flying sword that still looks retarded and the elves get some kind of new wings that have 4. For pictures refer to viewtopic.php?f=21&t=937

Q: I also heard you can have ‘fashion’ items. What are these?
A: Its like armor, but no stats and alot of people think it looks better than normal armor.

Q: How do i get fashion?
A: Buy from people or from the item mall. There is also some that can be obtained from winning events which are worth alot more than item mall fashion.

Q: Do i get to choose color?
A: This is also answered at the bottom of this post in the item mall section, but no. Later its presumed we will be able to get dyes to change the color though.

Q: Are WF’s the only ones able to have pets?
A: No. There are ‘all class’ pets that people can use. Theres the bunny, frog, cat, puppy, piglet,dodo bear, butterfly, salamander, silver fox cub.
All of these any class can use but for some retarded reason only WF’s can get the eggs needed to make them.


2. Pre-play

Q: Can my computer run Perfect World?
A: As long as you have at minimum:
Amd Athlon 64 3000+
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
1 Gig Ram [2 gigs for vista]
(Or equivilant of any of these)

Q: Where can I download PW?

Q: Where can I register?

Q: On the registration page, what is used for the username to login with? The first one that has or far below with nickname?
A: The first one.

Q: Whats Second level password?
A: Thats most likely for resetting your first password or getting into the account when someone else has changed the first level password.

Q: What is Identity Card/Passport No?
A: That is useless. You can put in 4+ numbers. Doesnt matter what you put in, i just suggest 4+ at minimum.


3. Classes

Q: Whats the best class?
A: Depends on style. WF is the quickest leveler and most efficient with money (Could get to 80+ in a month) while WB is the slowest and most expensive to maintain. WF’s are useless in PvP though since they die so quick.

Q: Whats a WF? A WB? Etc?
A: WF = Werefox / WB = Werebeast / EA = Elf archer / EP = Elf Priest / WR = Warrior / MG = Mage

Q: How should i put my stats?
A: Read the forums. Either these or and you can find the builds there.

Q: Whats most wanted end-game?
A: Anything works except for WF. WB’s and EP’s on oracle tend to seem more wanted due to lack of number.

Q: Best pvper?
A: If you suck at pvp, nothing. If your good at pvp, everything. Its all about play style, but i will say this. Archers drop people FAST (Even WB’s with hierograms…)

Q: What gear should i use?
A: Whatever you think works for you. Archers use bow for PvP and slingshot for PvE (or crossbow, whichever you get is better). Warriors/WB use spear/dual blunts/axes.

Q: How do i upgrade my skills?
A: Go to the class master of your class.

Q: Will i have enough SP end-game to learn all skills?
A: Dont know. I myself am running out of gold faster than SP (60-100k+ per skill for me now)


4. Items

Q: What are the best items?
A: Well, the best is what you need the most. In general definition though there are 4 types of ‘best’. First up is 3 star items, second is Legendary items then Holy hall items and finally Super legendary..
3 star items have 3 unfilled stars and glow purple when its a weapon.
Legendary items have 1 gold star and need to use molders to craft. They start at lvl 21. They also glow.
Holy hall items have 1 teal star and you can get them when your level 60+ from holy hall
Super legendary has 2 red stars and require 4 or 5 of the best lvl 99 moulders and its own type of moulder.

Q: How do i get moulders?
A: Kill bosses in FB’s (Down to quest section if you dont know what they are). Then after level 39, most normal bosses will also drop them that arent in FB’s (or so i heard). You can also get from the dragon quest but youll end up spending more on trying to earn enough tablets than just outright buying the molder. Each molder needs 50 silver and 50 bronze or so.

Q: Where do i craft these legendary items?
A: In Southwest ADC at the deity pots.

Q: What do i need to craft them?
A: You need a moulder and the correct amount of mats and a person with the required level of crafting.

Q: How do i make 3 star items?
A: Just normally craft items and you have a chance of making them.

Q: How do i make holy hall items?
A: Theres 2 ways. The easy way is to just buy them from players. If you dont, you need a full party of lvl 60+ people including a tank. Then you need to goto HH and enter the dungeon. The party leader dictates some options which im not sure what they are.
Once inside, you need to get down to the bosses and kill them to get the pieces.

Q: What are these green circle things with stuff exploding in the middle?
A: That is a bomb. If your inside the circle when it explodes YOU WILL DIE. You need to wait for it to explode and then run through.

Q: How hard are these bosses?
A: For HH 1-1 (The easiest) the 3rd boss hurts. Hes a guy with drums.

Q: What are DQ items?
A: DQ stands for dragon quest. The DQ items are needed for completing the quest of that level.

Q: What do i get for completing the dragon quest?
A: Dragon tablets. They come in 3 flavors. Bronze for lvl 21 and 31 quests. Silver for 41 and (51 i assume too) and Gold for 61+?

Q: What can i do with these tablets?
A: Where you character was made there is a dragon emissary. Talk to him and you can trade in tablets for moulders or a special pet.

Q: Is it worth doing?
A: no. Sell all your DQ items. If you do the quest, you will only get 1 tablet depending on which level DQ you do and the cost of doing it is more expensive than selling all of the DQ items. Not only that, you need ALOT of these tablets to turn in for legendary molders. Your better off saving the money to buy wine to clear out FB’s for the bosses that drop that molder.

Q: How can I get a higher level proffesion!?
A: If your still a level 1 blacksmith/tailor etc you need to craft items at that level. When you craft, in the top right a green bar fills up. Once that fills up go back to an elder and learn production skills. You cannot get level 4 or higher proffesion until you hit level 50 and finish a quest.

Q: How can i make hierograms?
A: Depends what your talking about. HP/MP hierograms cannot be made. Patk/Matk/Pdef/Mdef can be made by pharmacists using fuel crystals.

Q: What are fuel crystals?
A: You get these from disassembling items. The more stars it has the more crystals will be made. Buying 1 star items to crystalize isn’t a good idea.

Q: How do i disassemble?
A: Goto a tailor, blacksmith or jeweler and click on disassemble

Q: What grade items give what fuel crystals?
A: Grade 2 item = grade 1 fuel
Grade 3 item = grade 2

Q: Why can i only make a few things since im a pharmacist?
A: You can make more if your clan owns a territory. Each territory has its own governor and from him you can make special pharmacist items.

Q: What are soulstones?
A: Soulstones have bonuses that can be put onto items that have sockets. If the soulstone says Weapon: +25 patk / Armor: +25 pdef that means when on a weapon itll add 25 patk to your stats and 25 pdef to your stats if its on armor.

Q: How do I put them on my item?
A: it must have a socket. If you got both things needed, goto a tailor or blacksmith and click on soulstone synchronize.

Q: Whats the max amount of sockets?
A: 4

Q: How do i get my item to glow?
A: Your armor needs to have 2 sockets and a minimum grade of 5. If both of those are requirements are met, you then need to put 2 of the SAME GRADE AND TYPE soulstones into the armor. That is the only way for armor to glow.
Weapons glow automatically when 3 star, legendary, super legendary or from holy hall.

Q: What are these big head/monkey/pumpkin bollus things?
A: Use one and find out

Q: Why cannot i harvest this material!?
A: You need to be a required level to extract different materials. Just keep leveling and you will be able to soon.

Q: Is the drop rate reduced if im a higher level than the mob?
A: Yes, if your over 20 dont expect to get alot. If your 10 you probably still wont get anything. Its best to be a max of 4-6 levels over.

Q: Are quest rates reduced too?
A: Not that i know of.

Q: Why do some people say they have a +X item? What is that?
A: You can upgrade (Plus up) your weapon using mirage stones i think. Every + adds extra damage or pdef.

Q: How do + it up?
A: You need a mirage stone and an item then you goto an elder (i think) and he should have an option to use the mirage stone. Look around, i havent looked at this feature much.

Q: Why is the success rate so low?
A: Cause items are so good when +’d. An archer on oracle has a +8 Legendary lvl 60ish bow which well… Lets just say he hurts everyone. To increase the chance of success, you can buy items from the item mall.

Q: What is this ‘Wine’ ive heard of?
A: Its an item needed to clear an FB of all the monsters except for the boss and minions. For FB19 and 29 you only need ONE wine. Fb39 AND ABOVE you need TWO.

Q: How do i obtain this wine?
A: In ADC there is an NPC called Brew Master Jaxon. If you talk to him for a quest, there is a list of 8 or 9 types of wines. Depending on which you select, it can clear an FB out when given to the drunken poet at the FB. Please note, that the wine must be the CORRECT wine. You cannot use FB19 wine on FB29, 39 etc and cant use fb39 wine on 29 or 19.
I do believe the way its listed is in order from fb19 to fb99. So it starts at fb19 then the second is fb29 and then 39 etc.


5. Quests

Q: How do i find useful quests?
A: Press Q and in the top left of the box click Search mission. That gives you all the useful quests to do there.

Q: How do I find this person?
A: Click on the quest name that has a dot next to it and a yellow arrow should appear on screen. Follow that.

Q: Whats FB stand for?
A: On the chinese servers it stands for dungeon

Q: What’s an FB?
A: its a special dungeon you get every x9 levels (19,29,39,49 etc) once you complete your cultivation. These dungeons have elite mobs (2x hp and 2x dmg) and super hard bosses. These bosses drop ALOT of items if they do drop items when you kill it and sometimes even moulders.

Q: Why do high levels want to help me with my fb19 and 29?
A: They get experience and possibly moulders too.

Q: What are these crystal things i get from the boss when it dies?
A: Thats for making legendary items.

A: Check for quest guides.

Q: I got this quest after using a lucky ticket/bag/box and it doesnt say anything
A: Take out some items from your inventory and the quest will be gone and you will get some items.


6. Pk/Pvp

Q: Why cant i pk or pvp people?
A: You need to be above level 30 and the other person needs to be above level 30.

Q: Ok, so im past level 30 and when i attack someone my name goes purple. wtf?
A: Thats called flagging. When you hit someone you go purple and anyone can attack you without pking you. Whoever dies loses exp and has a chance of dropping items.

Q: Im a pker now, what happens?
A: For every person you pked, it takes 2 hours to wear off your ‘karma’. So if you killed 10 in a row it will take 20 hours until your white again. If you die while red, you will drop any item you have in your inventory unless it says it has death protection. If you buy replacement dolls from the item mall you wont drop anything nor lose exp.

Q: I went purple for trying to kill a red!?
A: Protection for people PKing so they dont go even deeper into the red.

Q: Ok, i got that all figured out. How do i lose the 2 crossed swords next to mine name after i turned white?
A: Wait a little bit.

Q: Whats TW?
A: Its territory wars. A guild can siege a plot of land and try to win it. If they do, they get 10m/week per plot of land.

Q: Any other benefits?
A: TW gives the guild leader 10m/week , it allows anyone in the guild to craft from the governor and buy cheaper res scrolls from him. All members can also directly port to the land (M->Kingdom map->Click on owned land) for free once an hour.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Your guild must be level 2 and the guild leader must sign up at the Territory Wars Manager. If you bid 2 million, you will be the sieger and no one else can bid on the territory.

Q: How do we win TW?
A: In the opposite castle there is a crystal that must be destroyed with catapults. This crystal has 2 towers directly on each side and then others further out from both A and C paths.

Q: Towers? How do we kill them?
A: Catapults. The only thing that harms towers or the crystal is a catapult. Everything else is resisted except maybe WF golem pet.

Q: How do we get catapults?
A: Either the GM buys them for 200k each to just spawn, or they’re free to spawn but cost 20k per use. If you die, you need to be res’d within 20 or 30 seconds else the catapult dies.

Q: How do we operate catapults?
A: When you port in, there is a manager on your left or right. Talk to him and buy a catapult scroll for 20k. Once bought, go up to a catapult, click it and right click the scroll in your inventory. Once its done casting it will automatically follow you and automatically attack the towers or crystal when in range.

Q: My catapult died and im still alive!?
A: Keep an eye on the box near your radar. Try to keep it at green, yellow is fine. When its red/orange STOP and go back to your catapult. If your to far out of range it will automatically self-destruct.

Q: What can kill catapults?
A: Nothing. But you CAN kill the people controlling them.

Q: Can I participate in TW if im in a guild?
A: Yes, as long as you have been in that guild for 100 hours or more (not online, just in).

Q: Can I drop items or lose exp in TW?
A: No

Q: Are hierograms used automatically or disabled?
A: They are enabled.

[break=Item Mall]

7. Item Mall

Q: What is this Item Mall thingy mabobber majigger [insert more things like that]
A: You buy special things from the Item Mall using cubi-gold or coins.

Q: Can I trade the items from the item mall to players ingame?
A: Yes

Q: I bought X item but instead I got another item… Wtf?
A: Its 50/50 not your fault. Its mostly cause of bad translation that isn’t being fixed even though your paying them. To see the CORRECT item being sold and how much hover over the item icon. That will show what will be bought and how much in (parenthesis) next to the item name.

Q: I bought fashion but I didnt get to choose color!?
A: yes. Blame the devs. Try to exchange with people ingame for the color you want.

Q: Why should I use the ingame item mall if i got alot of game gold?
A: No reason to. Just buy cubigold from the auction house or the items from the players. Typical Gold->Cubi-gold transfer rates are 50-80k each.

Q: I heard that there should be more items in the item mall… Where are they?
A: They are on the other servers. We are currently in the sewer for updates.

Q: How do I order from
A: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=679

Q: Cubits? Ingots? Cubi-gold? Cubi-coin? Could it be more confusing?
A: It could judging from what PW is like but dont fear! iry is here!
100 cubits = 10 Ingots = 10 Cubi-gold = 100 Cubi-coin


8. Leveling
This section will be short. Just an outline of leveling places.

Level 1->40

Level 40->44
Should be some pterodactyls under Tears Of Heaven City

Level 44->50/52
South of Sundown should be aoe groups (or atleast noob aoe)

Level 52->60
Island of dwan hoofing

Level 60->68?
YKD/Dream Searching/Ridge

Got more? Tell me and ill add
Note: If you run out of quests to do, kill FLYING mobs. 1/2 hp and 2x hp. You should also add in FB19 and 29 to do since they give alot of exp


9. Acronyms

If you figure that out, ill /wrist.

Heres the lovely acronym list! Everything before the : is the acronym.

WB : Werebeast
WF : Werefox
EP : Elven Priest
EA : Elven Archer
WR : Warrior
MG : Mage
TW : Territory wars
GM : Game master or Guild master
ADC : Ancient dragon city
FB : X9 dungeon
HH : Holy Hall
Hiero : HP or MP hierogram
PW : Perfect world
Chewy : Chewy – Lordstyx shrew
fotm : flavor of the month
B> : Buying X item
S> : Selling X item
WTS : Want to sell X item
WTB : Want to buy X item
WTT : Want to trade X item for Y item
dwan : Island of dwan hoofing
AH : Auction hall/house
MS: Mission/Quest
Miji : xp scroll
Fu : Hierogram
Zhen: Aoe
Aoe : Area of effect. Skills that damage multiple things in an area
YKD : Weeping Isle. Located at Dream Searching Port on the boat.[center][u]


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