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New Player Guide

Post  Buster on Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:48 pm

New Player Guide
Welcome to PW Unleashed! In this server players are able to get HH, CV, FW, G13, and Rank 8 items (no nirvana). The max lvl players can reach is 150.
This server doesn’t allow instant cast; WR`s can get 3.33 aps, EA`s 5.00 aps and max level of phoenix is 130 to prevent imbalance.
The rates for our server are: Exp 1000x SP 300x Gold 500x
Please enjoy your stay here and hopefully this guide can help you out.

Hacking/cheating/duping is not allowed and players who participate in such things will be banned.
Multi-client is allowed for everything.
Server has gotten rid of censors and players have freedom to say what they would like to say in world chat without fearing GM rebuff, because this server is not run by GMs. This server has the developer Josh who continues to add to/fix the server only. Issues that can be resolved by players should be taken to other players. Issues for example: patch failed, player bugged, etc. can be taken to Josh.
Players who share accounts with others are solely responsible for their own account; players who claim to have been hacked and had items stolen are on their own and will not receive help from the developer. Share at your own risk.

How to create an account: just go to and register there.
How to download the client: just go to and download there.

How to obtain cubi gold
Once you have your account, you should log in game, make your character, stay logged for 5 - 10 min, then relog and you will get cubi gold.

New character
When creating a character, you will start out with the following things:
Level 10 of all crafts
Free cubi gold
Started set HH90 4s depending on your class it will be robe/light/heavy
Expanded inventory, bank, and pet bag
WFs will start with a Hercules pet and a phoenix pet

How to level and get started
First thing you can do is port to the main city, and kill snowman till you get lvl 100, also you will need money to buy yours skill.
How to get money: press O, go to boutique, last tab called “Etc” buy the Wrought Gold Bar, it will give you the highest amount of gold to sell for. Take those mats to an npc and sell them for the gold you need.
Once you get level 100 and your skills, you will be able to find mines all around the map named “Mysterious Rubble” where you have to dig to get coins called bronze, silver, and gold which are used to make different things like Rank8, G11/G12 molds, FW weapon, different flights (12 m/s), herbs, dark/holy skill books, god stones, soul stone, refine orbs, tomes etc.
In these mines when you dig, sometimes it will spawn a mob called “Chompie” or “Wormie”, you have to kill them to get exp and they will drop coins (Bronze – Silver – Gold coins / Bronze box – Silver box).
The best way to level is killing those mobs; you can also do it in party (aoe/zhen party) with different people which is an easier way.

They are located in ADC West at (527-653), there you will see a bunch of NPCs which are used to different thing:
Coin Manager: is used to convert your bronze – silver – gold – bronze box – silver box into different coins, also is used to get R8 quest. He sells you wedding packs for marriage and you can also buy the items required to make tomes.
- The highest lvl tome you can get in this server is the lvl 5 tome. The crafting site to make the lvl 1-5 is located at City of a Thousand Streams (1k).
Refiner: you can buy refine orbs to plus your gear and the mirage stones required.
Soul Gem: there you can buy Soulstone, Godstone and Culti Stones.
Dark/Holy Book: there you can buy all yours skill books depending on your fairy.
Mold: there you can buy different molds to make gear.
Arms Dealer: there you can buy FW weapon which are random sockets.
Drugs Dealer: you can buy different herbs to make pills.
Aviator: there you can buy faster flights 10 m/s
Negative SP: Players who find themselves with –sp can go to the Negative SP npc and take a quest that will automatically give them sp to fix their issue.

Farm-able items in game
Mysterious rubble (Silver-Gold coins): those are around the map in different places, the next coords are:
Dragon`s end (285-565 / 300-656), Orchid Temple (590-765), Sundown Town (135-580), Snowy Village (145-950), Avalanche Village (335-973), Cromagnon Village (118-324), Camp of intrepid (260-820 / 245-810), Sirry Wine Camp (236-768), Swiftwing Tribe (363-753), King Feast (445-406), Tiderborn Area (585-165). (More are being added)
HH/TT: here you can farm everything inside this dungeon, to open hh only requires 1 character, and flying is enabled.
CV/Lunar: here you can farm everything inside this dungeon, and flying is enabled.
FB59/Valley of Disaster: inside this fb you can find all the mobs/bosses from fb 89 – 99 – 109 dark/holy to do your cultivation, also you can farm dark/holy books and G13 gear from the bosses. Note: 109 culti is cut short – after you kill the 40 mobs you will get your fairy. To be able to use your 109 skills you are still required to be lvl 109 even if you have the 3rd fairy.
Rank 8: for rank 8 you need to do quest called “Rep Quest”, the npc which give you this quest is located in ADC west called “Coin Manager”, once you done the quest you get 200k reputation.
How to obtain rank 8: travel to (521-626) and speak to the Commander-in-Chief. Select the rank 1 quest and the entire following quest as they appear, when complete you will have rank 8 status. In order to obtain gears travel to (130-854) and speak to Ti-chien, Tong Mein and Chiu Yu.

TW Time/TW Information
Server is having issues with carrying out TWs at this time. Hopefully it will be fixed soon so players can begin warring for the land! Please be patient for the good of the server!
Server time is -5 GMT

Created by: Buster and Laeya


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Post  Vipervirus1234 on Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:06 pm

This is Awesome... Thank you for taking the time to make it!!


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